Louis Guitton

Tech Lead NFT, Machine Learning Engineer

Berlin, DE
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Looking for an environment where I can grow as an engineer and influence technology.


Tech Lead NFT and Principal Machine Learning Engineer
at OneFootball
Oct 2018 - Now
Football media platform serving 15 million MAUs with news, OTT streaming, DFS and NFTs in 12 languages.
  • Built blockchain MVP including smart contract, frontend, and backend.
  • Hired, managed and growed one MLE intern.
  • Set the technical bar for Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics.
  • Designed and implemented a human-in-the-loop entity linking system for news tagging in 7 languages.
  • Used knowledge graphs, language models, text classification and topic modeling.
Freelance Software Engineer and Data Scientist
at Side Hustle
Jun 2017 - Now
  • Data Solutions, teaching and open source
Entrepreneur in residence
at Entrepreneur First
Apr 2018 - Jun 2018
World-wide deep-tech incubator investing in early-career co-founders.
  • Entrepreneurship: Developed an idea using computer vision, went in front of angel investors.
Data Scientist
at DOJO Madness
Aug 2016 - Mar 2018
ESports startup selling analytics and coaching tools to gamers.
  • Deep Learning & Big Data: Built bettings odds models and a recommendation engine with tensorflow.


Sharing my thougts with 1k+ users per month. Ranking #1 on google.com for "fastapi monitoring" and for "amundsen dbt"
    • Static Site Generators
    • Serverless
    • SEO


    MSc Executive Engineering
    at MINES ParisTech PSL
    2012 - 2016
    Paris, (FR)



    • python
    • AWS
    • Postgres
    • Redis
    • terraform
    • Kubernetes


    • spaCy
    • networkX
    • pytextrank
    • ElasticSearch


    • mlflow
    • label-studio
    • SageMaker
    • optuna

    Data Engineering

    • airflow
    • SQL
    • dbt
    • spark
    • Snowplow
    • Redshift

    MVP Building

    • TypeScript
    • NextJS
    • TailwindCSS
    • ReactJS