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I partner with my customers to design, create, operate and accelerate capabilities and solutions that generate the greatest possible impact. I'm particularly interested in creating environmental impact. So I'm concentrating on putting my knowledge at the service of 2 fields of application: CleanTech and AgriTech.

I'm the former VP of Engineering at OneFootball Labs, and I'm also a freelance engineer. I've been working with tech and data since 2014, and have 3 entrepreuneurial experiences. Both entrepreneur and developer, I bring together complex skills: AI, deep tech, digital growth.

I develop custom web applications. I design cutting-edge systems that transform my customers' core businesses.


I work closely with our clients to identify and validate the problem that needs solving. I aim at greatly minimize the customer's risk of investing in a product that does not meet real user needs.

I use user interviews to start from the problem encountered by users and not an assumed solution. I define the scope of the potential digital services. I then make an inventory of existing technologies and understand the software ecosystem into which the application is to be integrated. When needed, I can also do a competitor analysis.

Once the full audit is complete, I identify and prioritise the key features that makes sense to be integrated. I report back with a comprehensive plan and budget.

Included in this phase

  • Explore Market
  • Explore Users
  • Customer Centricity
  • Design Thinking
  • Define Product Strategy
  • Prioritize Backlog


Based on the Discovery phase, I develop a comprehensive roadmap for each product and start working towards delivery. I launch a functional service within the first few weeks of work, even if it's imperfect and doesn't yet cover all possible scenarios.

After testing the product with early adopters, I develop iterations typically lasting 2 to 4 weeks to improve the product. I share progress transparently through frequent demonstrations, easily accessible code and documentation. I measure impact with data and reporting dashboards accessible to the client.

During this phase, I can also support clients in a less hands-on fashion, instead coaching the product and engineering teams in place. I can run hands-on training sessions, specialised workshops on topics of interest to the client, and in general put our expertise at the disposal of the client.

Included in this phase

  • MVP development
  • Data Solutions
  • Machine Learning
  • Backend Architecture
  • Tech for Marketing and Sales
  • Deployment


Based on the Build phase, I work towards growing the impact of the digital service. I deploy the service at a wider scale.

I adapt the product to its growing use. I monitor appropriate performance indicators. I expand the functional and/or geographical scope of the service.

I expand the team, define job desriptions and structure the recruitment process. I map key activities and services to different teams and define their scope and interactions.

Included in this phase

  • Testing
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Team Definitions
  • Staffing

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