#PrettyCurious - Electronics Hackathons

#PrettyCurious - Electronics Hackathons


Back in 2015, I was living in Brighton, UK, and was working at EDF Energy as a R&D Engineer. The achievement I'm most proud of from that time is something called #PrettyCurious.

Pretty Curious

Behind that enigmatic hashtag stands a nationwide program that EDF Energy kickstarted when I was there.

Pretty Curious aims to inspire teenage girls to imagine a future where they use STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths - to help make a difference.

Charles Delalonde, David Ferguson, Christopher Weeks, Alastair Byrne and myself set out to build hackathons in which girls aged 10 to 15 would come in and learn about electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting and coding while working in groups to invent, develop and pitch products with our help along the way.

We got to replicate that format in 6 different cities in that first year.

I personally was in charge of developing the different electronics activities and then running the workshops as a facilitator.



Looking back at those videos always brings back so many good memories and I do hope we inspired a few vocations.