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At OneFootball we are not all football aficionados but for those of us who want to, we can play quite a bit of football. We play in the mornings for fun and we play in 2 leagues in the evenings, competing against other companies.

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My favorite one is the Medienliga where we compete against other media companies, currently in the second division. Here is the summary of the last game.

Medienliga / 2. Liga / 5. Spieltag 

Monday Sep 23, Prenzlauer Berg

The reporters came in late and missed the first 10 minutes of the 19:15 Medienliga game between Media:net and OneFootball. The blues (Media:net) are sitting in the 7th place of the table while the greens (OneFootball) were sitting at the 5th and hoping to climb.

OneFootball being the best attack of the table with 4.5 goals per game, the reporters should have known that coming late to the stadium would mean missing goals and eventually picking up the game at the 10' minute with 0-1 OneFootball.

Unfortunately, the next 15 minutes would prove to be a struggle: at 13' an own goal brings the blues back at 1-1, at 23' a defensive error leaves the Media:net striker free to arm a volley and score 2-1. These 2 goals came in “contre le cours du jeu” (against the odds) as in the 5 minutes before that the attacking duo @Alessandro and @Jack were having 2 good chances.

Fast forward to the second half, and 49' minute when @dominik has to leave his partners, injured, leaving them worried. The ambulance can be heard in the background. The medics come in but it turns out that the ambulance is in fact coming for a player from Media:net. Taking advantage of the confusion, media:net scores 1-3, in an attempt that was not really seen by the reporters.

Only 4 minutes later (53') @dbrown subs in and speeds forward. He makes a beautiful cross to @Alexis who arms a volley and scores 3-2. At that point, with 7 minutes to go, hopes were high.

But in a last counter attack (56') that embodied the game - the blues defending really far back, playing a long ball on their striker and taking their chances - the hopes vanished and the score went up to 4-2.

After the game, players were avoiding the mixed zone, and only @Dani came forward “I think we need some data to analyze our performance; I can’t say what happened without a Tableau dashboard.”

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