Design for non designers

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When I was going through Entrepreneur First - trying to turn an idea into a startup - I became aware of my lack of awareness of design.

At that point, I decided to learn more about it and to attend 2 events organised at my co-working space (Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park):

  • a 2h presentation and Q&A: UX & UI Design For Entrepreneurs, on Monday, 16 July 2018
  • a 8h bootcamp: Product Sprint: Design Your Digital Product In A Day, on Thursday, 19 July 2018

Going into those events, my overall idea of design was more or less:

After going through them, I learned a lot and here are the key learnings.

Learning 1: UX vs UI 

  • UX is macro and is synonymous with things difficult to change in the long run.
  • UI is micro and synonymous with things that look nice.

UX vs UI

Learning 2: Prototyping Fidelity 

There is a time for sketches (now), a time for mid-fidelity mockups (mid term) and a time for high-fidelity designs (later).

Prototyping Fidelity

Learning 3: Resources 

Just like for programming, there are a lot of open resources out there. But for someone like me with limited knowledge you need them to be organised.

  1. Inspiration
  2. Assets
    • Layout
    • Colors
    • Typography
  3. Branding (feeling and attitude)
  4. Animations

More resources and step by step process can be found in the presentation slidedeck.