Cloud cost optimisation for ML Engineers

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This is a microblog, mostly for myself, to keep track of things I need to check when wanting to reduct costs on AWS (or any other cloud provider).

Ops side 

  • Basic stuff you should have done already
    • Shut down test environments at night and scale down in non peak period
  • Storage costs
    • Lifecycle policies: Move non critical data from S3 to glacier
    • 💡Pay attention to automated versioning of S3 : it’s not always needed and it costs money
  • Compute costs
    • Right sizing EC2 and RDS instances (downsize them if there is no load)
    • Use spot instances where possible
    • Purchase reserved instances
    • Trade off between managed solution costs vs human cost of non managed solution
  • Network costs
    • 💡Put a CDN in front of S3 as egress from CDN is cheaper than egress from S3
    • 🚨Internal traffic routing vs external traffic routing: internal IP doesn’t cost anything; public IP routing costs a lot

Dev side 

  • Application optimisations
    • Select right DB (e.g. Aurora instead of MySQL)
    • Optimise environments (e.g. RAM of microservices on k8s)
    • Compress data
  • Stack optimisation
    • 💡Use the right tool for the job e.g. run data processing inside your DB or DWH, not on your backend server