What You Can Hire Me For

Since 2015, I’ve been doing freelance on the side of my main job. It started in France with teaching, and it continued after moving to Germany with data solutions.

If you’re interested in my services, email me at admin@guitton.co.

Data and Machine Learning Solutions Developer

I assist in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining your data architecture.

Stack: python, AWS, Digital Ocean, flask, Apache Airflow, dbt, Metabase

Mercedes-Benz.io Enpact
2020Apache Airflow workshop at Mercedes-Benz.ioDesigning the workshop material. Delivering a 1 day workshop and a starter github repository. Live pair-coding and Q&A.
2020 Rolling out dbt for friends at DonutReviewing the early data architecture at a 10 people startup. Bootstrapping the dbt project to save time for the CTO.
2018 to 2019Powering the Startup meter of enpactDesigning the architecture, developing scrapers, ingesting data in Postgres, serving data via a flask API and a CMS dashboard, hosting the architecture on AWS, mentoring Junior in-house developers.
2018Designing a BI dashboard for friends at BounceMentoring in-house intern Luca to design and build an analytics dashboard to report to the founders on the key growth KPIs of the product. Recency-Frequency-Engagement, N-day retention curve, smile curve, user lifecycle, … Luca’s medium post

Teaching (not looking for projects)

I teach anything that interest me and that I feel confident sharing.

2021First year Informatics project Mines ParisTechMentoring 3 first year students from my engineering school for their python capstone project. We collect french news articles and analyse them using NLP to find political biases.
2017 and 2018Machine Learning and Internet of Things classes for IFP SchoolDesigning the classes material to introduce ML and IoT to Energy MBA students. Delivering 4 days of teaching with lectures and hands-on exercises. IoT: 2018-06-07, ML: 2017-06-30, 2018-05-17, 2018-06-01
2015Littlebits hackathons of #PrettyCurious campaignMore details in my blog post.

Websites (not looking for projects)

If it’s a website or a webapp not related to a data solution, chances are I’m not your best bet. Therefore, I’m not looking for work in that category but it can happen that friends or family needs something in that ballpark.

Stack: Hugo, Netlify, Strapi, React.js, Wordpress